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Food systems—all the processes and infrastructure involved in feeding people—are fundamental to ensuring the estimated 10 billion people living in the world in 2050 have access to safe, healthy, nutritious food. For hundreds of millions of people around the world, agriculture is a source of livelihood and their cultural connection to their environment. At the same time, the evidence is clear that agriculture is one of the primary drivers of the climate crisis and the loss and degradation of nature. 

Luckily, food systems also represent the biggest opportunity for transformation. Agriculture is part of the solution for both climate and nature and can help achieve sustainable, equitable, resilient food systems that benefit people and the planet. And the often-underrepresented perspectives and experiences of those from local communities, especially women, are critical to successful transformation.


Yesiller GRN works with organizations and government agencies to pursue solutions to some of the greatest threats to people and our planet—disasters, people living below the poverty line, and the depletion of natural resources. These challenges are interwoven, and we know that healthy communities and healthy ecosystems are mutually dependent.

Through partnerships at the national, regional, and global levels, we create programs that empower communities and individuals to build resilience to climate change, gain access to economic opportunities, manage natural resources, reduce the risk of extreme shocks, and make environmental issues a pillar of disaster recovery strategies. Together, we leverage the power of nature to tackle the world’s greatest societal challenges.

Local communities are a critical part of transforming food systems

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